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Since our founding in 1925, the Basilica School of St. Paul has provided a faith-filled and academically rigorous experience that forms both the mind and the heart. Our faculty and staff members work together with our hundreds of students from grades K-8 and their families to create a vibrant and thriving community.

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The Basilica School of St. Paul provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that is a balance of academics, religion, and special subjects—such as music, art, physical education, and computers.

Students graduate as 8th graders with a broad knowledge base that serves them well through their high school and college years.

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In addition to forming the hearts and minds of our students, the Basilica School of St. Paul offers a variety of athletic programs. Our offerings include flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. 

As representatives of the Basilica School of St. Paul, all team members and their parents are expected to reflect credit and honor upon their school by their actions and attitudes.

Please contact Gerald Hilliard, Athletic Director, by phone at 386-252-7915 ext. 318 or email anytime for questions or comments. Thank you in advance for all of your support.

Moving from the Bottom Third to the Top Third in the Nation

Moving from the Bottom Third to the Top Third in the Nation

Notre Dame ACE Academies are closing the achievement gap. The median national percentile ranking (NPR) of our students increased from fall to spring every year, indicating students gained more than 1 year of growth. From fall 2011 to spring 2015, on average, our students improved from the bottom third to the top third in the nation in math. Reading scores are just as impressive with students moving from the 29th to the 53rd percentile.

Closing the Gap Quickly

Closing the Gap Quickly

New students typically enter Notre Dame ACE Academies several grade levels behind (navy bars). Our culture of high expectations for academic growth and character formation quickly catch them up. Even students who have only been in the ACE Academies for 1 year show dramatic academic gains, which they continue to demonstrate in subsequent years (green & gold bars). Math scores show similar results with students entering in the 33rd percentile and quickly moving up to the 42nd after just one year.